The easiest and fastest way to build your audience, 

Create lasting connections, get noticed in a noisy social media world, and make more sales

is live video

But what if...

  • You’ve tried making videos, and they get no views!   
  • You don’t like how you look or sound on camera...  
  • You don’t know what you could EVEN talk about… 
  • You wish someone guided, supported you and kept you accountable 

That's why we are doing this 7 day

"In Your Face" Live Challenge Starting January 5th

And you're at the right place at the right time


Here is what live video can do for your business...

  • Build a TRUSTED brand!
    When you create a brand people trust, it’s easier to build, scale, and expand your network into bigger and better markets!   
  • Generate ENGAGED leads!
    Replying to video comments feels more personal to your audience because they just watched you talk to them. That’s a powerful connection! 
  • Being an EXPERT in your niche!
    Your audience will start turning to you, not just for your products, but your expertise. And guess who generates more leads and sales? 
  • Connecting DEEPLY with your audience!
    You can let them into your world while preserving your vocal cords from committing to thousands of presentations! 

By signing up you will get

  • check-circle-o
    Daily instructions on how to get over your fears, show up for your followers, create engaging conversations that your audience would love to engage and keep coming back time after time
  • check-circle-o
    Easy and fun to implement homework to help you come up with topics and ideas for your lives and be consistent even after the challenge is over  
  • check-circle-o
    No judgement environment and supportive community to support you and keep you accountable

  • check-circle-o
    Simple and fun progress tracker that you can download and evaluate your results

  • check-circle-o
    Chance to win ca$h and other awesome prizes to help you rock your business and build your empire online valued $500-$100. Such as Apple wireless ear-pods, multiple Amazon gift cards, phone selfie light or a selfie stick and a chance to get your social media profile evaluated by top producers of this industry (priceless).

The Best Part Is You Get All This For Only $10!

Why are we asking you to pay?

No, we are not doing it to make profits, but instead, 

to keep you engaged and accountable.

People who pay, usually are more likely to show up, take action and succeed.

So, we are doing it for you!

On top of that you will get a lot of value from top leaders of this industry.

Here is what others say about this challenge

Kari H

I never had any interactions on my videos before — I now have people reaching out to me, daily! I also have several people asking me to coach them — what?!?!  What's even bigger is that, I have constant flow of leads and sales — mind blown!!! 

Susan W

 I just finished this live challenge and it was truly amazing. The commitment really kept me engaged and showing up for myself. I learned I need to show up for myself before I can show up for others. And as the days went on the lives became more and more enjoyable. I realized that I didn’t always need business content to share but sometimes just sharing life itself got good engagement.

Rebecca M

Super excited! Tonight was the first time I actually had some live viewers on my business page video  and even got a couple of reactions!  I know that's not very many, but after doing over 2 weeks of videos, it's gratifying to see some results!! And I keep remembering  not comparing our beginning with someone else's middle! If we keep going, they will start watching!! Thanks for this wonderful training and encouraging support!

How can you join the challenge?

  • STEP 1: Click on the button below to submit a secure $10 payment 
  • STEP 2: Join private Facebook group after you complete the check out process 
  • STEP 3: Check your email to make sure you've dove everything correctly and did not miss instructions on how to access the challenge group
  • STEP 4: Spread the word! It’s always easier when you have an accountability partner (or two... or three) to support you along the way!

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