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Social Media Makeover Magnet

Team Downloads
Click on the icons below to download the landing and thank you pages, ready to import to your own website.

Landing Page

Thank You Page

How to Add Your Affiliate Code

If you are using the templates above, the affiliate tracking code is already installed and you only need to change the affiliate ID to your own. You can see how to do that by watching the video HERE.

If you are using your own pages, you will need to add the code to your pages custom scripts head box by clicking on the Settings Cog in Thrive Architect and then going to Advanced Settings -> Custom Scripts. You can then copy and paste the below into the 'Header Scripts' box:

<script src="">
<script type="text/javascript">
var aff_id='YOURCODE';
var challenge_id='Social Media Makeover Magnet';

Whichever method you use, your affiliate code can be found HERE.