Create Curiosity Around Biohacking

Mar 17


_____Review day one and implement anything you didn’t get finished up. 

_____ Go to the LV app on your phone and do the tasks there.

_____ Go to your post on Facebook from yesterday and anyone that commented on your post. Click on their name and go comment, like and share on three of their posts. 

2 .   Recent post and their story if they have one, If they don’t do three recent posts.

Tip: Be a human… Like if they were standing in front of you and ask questions don’t just like… the point is for you to get noticed. 




_____  Go post on your personal profile a question. Use a colored background

1). Ever feel like diets don’t work?

2). Ever feel like everytime you try to lose weight, you’re depriving yourself of all the things?

3). Ever feel like your body acts like it’s 100 years old even though you’re barely there??

4). Ever feel like you don’t have enough energy to make it through the day?

8). Ever feel like you get that afternoon crash and you drag the rest of the day?

9). Ever feel that your business posts only get crickets?

10). Oh wow…just watched an awesome video on how I can turn back my biological clock & literally take control of my anti-aging genes.  Let me know if you’d like to watch it.

(Add to group and Tag them in ABC Protandim Video)

11). Oh wow…just read this awesome article on how to….lower oxidative stress by 40% and increase your lifespan.

(Send them a couple Blog Articles)

12). What if I could show you how to flip the switch and activate your anti-aging enzymes that’s encoded in your DNA?

13). What do you think of when you hear….(Gut health, Biohacking, Nutrigenomics, Nootropics, Gut Brain Axis, Probiotics)

14). Did you know not all probiotics are created equally?

15). Did you know that only 3% of your probiotic bacteria makes it to your gut? What can we do about it?

16).  Did you know that you are flushing 97% of your fancy probiotic into the toilet?

17). Do you know the majority of supplements, cheap or expensive, aren’t actually being absorbed by our bodies…. Want to know how to get your body absorbing all of it?