Day 1- Let’s Launch Your Business

Aug 17

You will be posting on your social media today. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or whatever. Just pick one though...
Don’t post it everywhere at the same time.  🙂 

Now before you get started posting.

THIS IS SUPER IMPORTANT Please spend 30 minutes engaging (commenting, liking and sharing) with other people’s content on social media before posting.

Todays Post

This may sound too good to be true

But a packet a day is  melting  the muffin top away

It’s helped a ton of people melt inches off their waist and drop several pounds in just 2 weeks 

While eating all the pizza, pasta and yummy foods

Without sweating in the gym

Or eating like a rabbit

All they did was change just ONE thing

One tiny little packet a day

And it’s all natural and Good For YOU

I can’t wait to get my hands on it 

I know you’re gonna want it too

And right now it’s a CRAZY DEAL you’re not gonna want to miss

If you’re ready to drop the jiggle, let me know and I’ll get you the deets 

Example Photo

What Your Post Should Look Like

NOW spend 30 MInutes engaging with other people’s posts again. This wakes up the algorithm and shows your post to more people. 🙂

After you create this post take the link and post it in the team NETWORK ROCKSTARS chat and ask for love on your first post.

Here is how you grab the URL:

This asking for engagement from the team happen’s once. We don’t ask for it again from the team. We create our own from there.

Congratulations! You did it!

PLEASE  Do not post anything else on your profile for 24 hours. Give this post enough time to get some traction. BUT do go in and answer on the post a few at a time.. It is like a fire, we want to blow on it every now and again to get more organic reach. 

This is what you do with people that comment.

When people comment "tell me more" or I want the hack:

Reply, "I’ll message you" or "I’ll send you a DM" to their comment on the post.

Then Reply in private message to anyone that comments, likes, loves the post with this. 


To reply

"Hey (first name) ! I noticed you (liked) (loved) (commented) on my weight loss hack

"I am super excited to start using this product that is melting off lbs and inches with my friends who are using it”

"Can I get you some info?

Next message:

(USE a story, yours, mine or someone else’s)

"It’s made such a difference for my friend Brandy who lost 10 lbs and dropped 2 sizes in 7 days all while eating pizza and during the Thanksgiving holiday, by just adding one sachet a day!

"And it’s not just her...

"My friend Fran lost 6.5 lbs in 5 days while eating pizza and drinking wine and without exercising " If it’s okay with you I am going to add you to a group that is going to give you all the deets on how the products works to help you lose weight, boost your immune system, support your mood and feel great!"

"If it’s okay with you I am going to add you to a group that is going to give you all the deets on how the products works to help you with your weight loss goals"

Watch this video so that you know what to do with the people that comment and want more info.