Following Up With Your Posts

Mar 17


_____ Follow up with your conversations from Days 1,2. (As a guide:  remember to be a human first) Scripts here:


_____ Training on how to use them 


_____ Go to your personal profile and post a business driven post provided to you below to get humans interested in Attract Your Downline and Conversations. 


1). I just watched this training on how to get more customers without prospecting every human within 3 ft. And…I’m blown away!! Let me know if you want Free access too!  I wouldn’t mind sharing.


2). I struggled in my business until I found a simple system that allows me to grow my business 100% online…No more bugging friends and family…Want a sneak peak??


3). Do you ever freak out about the idea of going Live? Or struggle with what to talk about to get customers and team members? I was totally there too, but this free training got me out of my funk and more eyeballs watching my content.


_____ Go to the LV App on your phone and do the tasks prompted to do there.


_____ Schedule Team trainings in your calendar

          Team training – Deep dive into a certain subject – Tuesdays at 9am MT in Network Rockstars group.

          Any other training your enroller participates in ________________

_____ Get added to FB Messenger Team Chats

          Team LifeVantage – Organization wide from Brandy down

          Any other chats your sponsor recommends ___________________

_____  Register for the next event

_____ Fill out your team member info on the google doc here 

_____ Move to Unit 2


____ Go to the last posts that you did on your personal profile in previous days and follow messenger scripts to interact with those people.


_____ Watch this video 20-20-20



______Click here to access your tracker Please make a copy before filling it out. 


______Click here Link to get branded photos, Engagement and


_____Click here to get Curiosity Posts for products


_____ Click here for Live Topics


 ______Utilize your app to share lifevantage resources and the biohacking rockstars  community to keep people in the follow up.