Step 7 – Learn the Power of Add, Tag and Message

Jun 10

Watch today’s ATM training and how to use messenger:

Go to posts and follow up with comments and use the Social Media Process above. 

Talk to people like you would if you were standing in front of them.

The key here is to take the public comments under your posts, and as they get more personal, move the conversations into private messages, by asking questions about the comments they make in Private messages. 

For example if they commented on your post.  I am so stressed all the time. Then comment on the post like you would normally… Like: wow that really sucks… I totally get it… THEN add I will private message you. 

Then in messenger ask…  What is creating the stress? (Help them identify the problem by asking questions) 

If you don’t know what to say, always refer back to ”tell me more about that”. 

Let them answer.

If they give a vague answer… ask them how they could change something about the stress in their life? You want to be able to show them you have a solution and you are willing to help them. 

Ask them if they would like your help. (If I had a way to help you would you want me to share it with you? )  

(Ask directly DO you want to do something about it? Would you like my help?)

And look to find people that want a solution and to take action. (Keep in mind some people just want to complain.)